Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old Home Week (part deaux)

In the previous post I took you on a brief tour of Carson City's classic West Side neighborhood, now it's time to head downtown and see some of the historic buildings along Main Street.

Now one of the coolest museums going, this was originally the Carson City Mint. Collectors covet this mark on silver dollars and gold pieces of varying denominations.

This was the first Federal Building in town. Built in 1888 as a courthouse and post office, it served until 1970 when the new post office opened (my mom worked in the post office here). It now houses the Nevada Commission on Tourism and Nevada Magazine.

The St. Charles Hotel, another local landmark.

How about a few from the grounds of the Nevada State Legislature:

A miner, representative of so many who came to this region. Kit Carson, frontiersman, trapper and guide to John C. Fremont on his Western Expeditions. And Abraham Curry, founder and architect of Carson City.

Now for the grounds of the State Capitol

The front steps and entryway with Alaskan marble floors and walls:


From the inside, looking out.

I love the frost pattern of the green on yellow here.

I couldn't leave the next one out, it's from the last place I worked befor moving to California.

Carson City is a great small town with a classic americana feel. There are loads of activities, indoors and out. The unmatched scenery of Lake Tahoe is just 20 minutes one way and Reno is only 30 minutes North. The desert surrounds you with diverse plant & animal life. Great skiing, motorcycle rides, hiking, golf, hunting & fishing, nightlife, good food, it's all here. Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my hometown.


  1. I hate to say this, but I've only been to Vegas and Reno. I never realized that there was such charming areas of Nevada! I thought you all were all glitz & glam & blinking lights. Thanks for sharing your photos, I really enjoyed seeing a different side of Nevada.

  2. I have such fond memories of going to the Mint with my grandfather when I was just a young girl. And fonder memories of Cactus Jack's when I was an older girl!! I think I much prefer Cactus Jacks, though....yes, I'm a gambler!

    Lovely, lovely photos. The Fall colors there are just stunning. You've really done a beautiful job showing off your hometown!

  3. Carson City truly is a "Historic Gem".