Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring in The Redneck Garden

I know, I've been slacking around here lately. Lets just say its been a very busy & interesting winter for me. Both at home and at work. Let me get you caught up on what is happening in The Redneck Container Garden.

The temps are gradually rising in the Bay Area. We've been blessed with great cycles of rain and sun. New life is abundant outdoors and like most of you, I expected this to be a time of re-birth for The Redneck Garden, but it doesn't feel that way just yet.

The "Purple Sprouting Broccoli" was very happy and productive, both in the small planter strip & the buckets. But the tasty florets have all been consumed along with the wonderful soup made from the stalks. No re-birth going on here.

The delicious & unique Romanesco (broccoli or cauliflower, what is your vote?) also performed well in the redneck buckets.

Well, they're mostly gone now too. Except this one plant that never produced a typical dense head, so I allowed it to flower. It seems to be pretty excited at the possibility of procreation, don't you think?

I realize he's no hummingbird (we can't all be Interleafer), but this large Bumble was quite happy to help the Romanesco with the fantasy of it's reproduction.

Another happy plant is this cramped little Kniphofia hirsuta, "Fire Dance" that I picked up at Annie's Annuals in December. I felt guilty and potted this up to a 1-gallon the day after this pic was taken. Its been living happily in the shade of my neighbors Birch tree, loving all the rain we were getting.

Walking around just thinking about what needed to be done made me hungry & thirsty. Homemade salmon tacos & a cold beer on the back patio were just what the doctor ordered on a very pleasant Saturday afternoon.

I wasn't the only one working up an appetite. This guy was working on a nut that was almost the size of his head. I ate my lunch, left and he was still munchin' away.

So, the whole re-birth thing isn't really happening in The Redneck Garden just yet. We are a bit sad at the passing of all the good friends we had in the winter garden, but as this pic shows, the seeds of possibility are gestating in the Redneck Container Garden. Check back every once in awhile and see how the next generation fares. And what kind of fare they become!


  1. Looks to be a fine Spring!!!

  2. Glad to see you kniphofia is doing well! I had to give all of mine away when I moved.

  3. Bass ale is a favorite of mine, too, and salmon tacos sound wonderful. Love the idea of a "redneck" garden.

  4. It will be quite fine... if spring ever officially arrives in CA, Christina.

    Thanks Katie, it really put up a nice flower stalk. The other one I bought at the same time has done nothing. I'm sure there are more & greater gardens waiting for you and I can't wait to see them.

    Monica, thanks for the comment. Always appreciate input from the pros out there. The Redneck Garden has been a fun way to do a little urban farming on my tiny lot. Glad you like it.