Sunday, June 26, 2011

Iivette Soler @ Annie's Annuals 6-25-11

It looked like everyone had a great time at Annie's Annuals (no surprise there) listening to Ivette speaking passionately about her view of the Edible Front Yard.
Elayne & the crew @ Annie's had to bring out extra chairs to accommodate all the folks that showed up. Among the enthralled masses we found Maureen Decombe (@Plantanista) , Kristi (@Tikikristi) & Carri Stokes (@readbetweenthelimes). Somewhere out there is Susan Morrison (@susanlmorrison) of "Garden Up" fame.

What a great setting for Ivette to bring her enthusiasm for combining good design principals with front yard food. She had the audience wrapped around her little finger and I'm sure everyone learned something useful. She presents a lot of information in a short time and makes it very entertaining! Though Ivette is very serious about proper design, she has a very go-with-the-flow attitude.

Signing books for the fans. If you don't have a copy yet, be sure to pick up a copy of "the EDIBLE FRONT YARD". And if you haven't met the wonderful @Germinatrx before, you don't know what you're missing!


  1. SO wish I could've flown in for that one! I'll live vicariously through you this time, Matt! Some great pics.

  2. Aw, Matt! Thanks SO MUCH for this lovely post, and for coming down to hang out at Annie's on Saturday. It was SO great seeing your wonderful, encouraging, friendly face in the audience! You are the BEST - and I'm so glad you enjoyed the talk!


  3. Jenny, thank you & yes you do wish you were there.

    Ivette, I am glad to do it & so glad we could get there to see you. I am a bit confused though. This isn't the reaction I usually get when I show up somewhere. Keep this up & I'm gonna turn all groupie on you ;)

    Stay Happy!!!

  4. Fab post! FYI, for those wondering about all those crossed arms, it was chilly under the tent, but our body language should not imply any cross-armed closure to Ivette's engaging and very entertaining talk.

    Ivette proceeded to go on to charm heavy metal dudes at the restaurant we went to, and then my husband who basked in her attention for a few minutes as I kidnapped her and forced her to see my non photo-ready front yard food.

    I do wish to point out that my "word verification" to preview this post was "aphyd". Cool, huh?

    My favorite part of the talk was Ivette's discussion of the plant combinations and cohorts for edible plants. What a fun and fab day!