Sunday, April 29, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

Everyone knows that I never claimed to be a good gardener, just a gardener. Like many folks, my energy, available time & enthusiasm for gardening ebbs & flows. My yard, small as it is, suffers periods of neglect & inattention. This little Kniphofia from Annie's Annuals is a perfect example.

This seemingly indestructible plant never gets fed, goes without water for weeks, has never been split, gets chewed on by snails (Really!) and this is how it rewards me for all the neglect. Four bloom spikes! I know some plants flower or fruit better if you stress them out a bit & I guess that is the case here.

I'm sure none of you treat your plants like this, but for the other sporadic gardeners out there, just know that there are a few plants out there that will tolerate a good amount of neglect. I will get better. Sometime...

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