Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Walkabout

I certainly hope this special day finds you all well, happy and enjoying life. It may be a bit unusual for a Christmas Day post, but I thought I'd share a bit of our day. Of course the kids (15 & 20) woke us promptly and somewhat mercifully at 6:30 AM, and so commenced the annual ritual of sitting around the tree and passing out the presents.

Those of you who have dogs will appreciate That Charlie, our 3 year old cocker spaniel, insists on an hour-long, brisk walk every morning and Christmas or not, we were goin'. We are fortunate to live in a nice area with a great park just a couple blocks away, just perfect for walking the pooch. Below is Charlie with his friend Jake who we saw this morning.

Though not the coldest morning we've had lately, it was still cold enough to leave a little frost on things. For good or bad, this is about as close as we ever get to a white Christmas. In order to see the real white stuff, we'll be driving to Reno tomorrow to see my son, d-i-l & my wonderful granddaughters.

Penitencia Creek, for which the park is named flows along the edge of the park. The creek, dense trees & brush separate the park from the neighborhood.

Penitencia Creek Park is home to The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, a rehab facility for injured birds that are brought in by animal control or valley residents. There is a large pond in the middle of the park and improved trails all the way around (just over a mile). California Sycamores thrive along the creek.

The pond is home to an assortment of ducks, coots, gulls, turtles and other wildlife. Here are a few of the residents, including a Great Egret who was unusually perched high in a tree.

Well, this concludes our Christmas Day tour of my neighborhood. Whatever your beliefs or inclinations, we hope this season of renewal is a great time for you & yours. From the Moore family, Merry Christmas.

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