Monday, December 7, 2009

Redneck Frost Protection

So it's supposed to get into the 20s around here tonight and I just can't stand the idea of losing any of my little redneck veggies. Had to think of a way to protect them without hauling them in the house and wifey wasn't gonna let me leave her car out in the cold so the plants could have the garage.

I packed as many as would fit onto the covered front porch. The covered porch and heat from the house should take care of these guys. Might leave the light on for a little extra heat.

But I was out of space and still had several more in the planter strip and the 5-gallon buckets along the fence. Then I remembered that I had a few empty buckets...

Now that's some serious redneck frost protection!

But there were still all those plants in 5-gallon buckets. What to do??? I think I have an idea!

Boy howdie! Them nasty plastic bags everybody's so up in arms about these days fit over a bucket just like Grandma's lips on a jug o' corn squeezins. I recon that oughta take care of these guys.

Hope everyone out there is better prepared for the freeze than I was. I have my fingers crossed for the peppers even though they are on the porch. I didn't bother with the citrus as both trees have been through harder freezes than is expected tonight, they are pretty well protected between the houses. Good luck to you all.


  1. Hahahaha. When I first heard you mention "redneck frost protection" this is EXACTLY what I thought of. Well done!

  2. We do this all the time! Whatever works, WORKS!

  3. I used every single sheet and pillow case in our house to cover our plants- and the citrus tree's all got Christmas lights AND sheets. I admit, it looks pretty tacky- but I would be heartbroken to lose everything I just planted this year! I'll have to take pictures! Covering with a bucket is a great idea- but mine were all full of oranges and lemons that I had to pick this weekend!

  4. I like it ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Nice one.

  5. Great solution! I wouldn't necessarily consider this a redneck move, I'd just say it's being extremely resourceful.

  6. In spring 2010 I inveted in 3 of the upside down planters. I used my covered patio's supports to hang the planters. My tomatoes did well and because the plant's weight was taken off the stem,I was able to keep the plants growing throughout the winter (I live in So Calif but we do get frost). During frosty nites, I recycled large department store bags and covered the plants. It is April, and the plants as large as if it were July. I have had crops during the winter, but now with the warmth, they are really blooming and growing.